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Sprinkler Systems

Leapfrog Landscaping has extensive experience in the design, installation and repair of underground irrigation systems. Professionally installed sprinkler systems help protect your landscaping investment and improve the overall value of your home or business. Our licensed irrigators use only the best high-quality materials by Rain Bird and Hunter. Irrigation services Include:

  • Existing sprinkler system repairs
  • Sprinkler valve replacement
  • System automation
  • New irrigation system design & installation
  • Drip system installation & repairs
  • Troubleshooting problems w/ your system

We offer free inspections as a way to help you save you water and money!  Typical areas for improvement include, but are not limited to:

  • Replace leaky rotor heads, spray heads and/or valves
  • Retro-fit your existing sprinkler head nozzles with MP Rotators or drip systems which provide for a more efficient use of water
  • Install a rain sensor
  • Install a weather-based irrigation controller, which monitors weather patterns & precipitation and only waters when your yard needs it

To ensure efficient use of water and to protect your investment, we recommend that your sprinkler system be professionally inspected and adjusted annually.  We provide this service free of charge for the first year after installation.